In-Person Only Breakout Session: Making Sense of Uncertainty: Nonprofit Scenario Planning in an Election Year

Fisher Conference Center September 18, 2024 11:45 am - 12:45 pm

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Preeta Nayak
Laura Lanzerotti

As we approach the November election, every nonprofit leader is dealing with some level of uncertainty about their programs, strategies and funding allocations. Scenario planning provides a structured process that nonprofits can use to identify potential future scenarios and their implications in order to proactively prepare for key strategic decisions and actions.

In this session, join Preeta Nayak, Bridgespan partner and head of leadership and community services in San Francisco and her colleague, Bridgespan partner, Laura Lazerotti, as they walk attendees through a scenario planning tool that can help nonprofit leaders navigate the unknowns of this election cycle. The two will also share insights from Bridgespan’s experience supporting organizations in this work and will introduce examples that illustrate how organizations have used scenario planning to prepare for election-related implications in their varied fields.