In-Person Only Breakout Session: Managing Up, Down and Across

Fisher Conference Center September 17, 2024 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

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Nita Singh Kaushal

Managing up, down, and across in the nonprofit workplace is crucial for fostering a cohesive organization. Effective management in all directions ensures that leaders are well-informed to make efficient decisions,  board members are equipped to provide necessary strategic guidance or funding, and teams are well supported and clear about their roles and objectives.   Additionally, collaborating across departments breaks down silos and promotes organizational synergy.

Nita Singh Kaushal is the founder of Miss CEO, a lecturer in the School of Engineering at Stanford University, and an instructor at Stanford in Continuing Studies where she teaches a leadership course about the strategies outlined in this session. In this breakout session Kaushal will provide meaningful and results-focused guidance about leveling up organizationally to get the most out of stakeholders at every level.