Unionization: The New Justice for Nonprofit Workers

McCaw Hall September 14, 2023 10:05 am - 11:05 am

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Esteban Gil
Liba Rubenstein
Christy Yoshitomi
Bryan Maygers

In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward unionization and calls for worker justice in the nonprofit sector. Employees are recognizing the importance of collective bargaining and organizing to address workplace issues. They are demanding fair wages, equitable benefits, and improved working conditions. Nonprofit organizations are increasingly acknowledging these concerns and engaging in dialogue with their staff to ensure a healthy and supportive work environment. Join Esteban Gil, a member of Washington Baltimore News Guild Local 32035 TNG-CWA; Liba Rubenstein, fellow, Economic Opportunities Program at The Aspen Institute, and Christy Yoshitomi, mediator, National Projects office for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service for this engaging discussion, moderated by Bryan Maygers, deputy editor digital for Stanford Social Innovation Review.