Lessons in Intersectional Leadership

McCaw Hall September 13, 2023 4:10 pm - 5:10 pm

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Dr. Rania Awaad
Efrain Escobedo
Kelly Burton
Alivelu Ramisetty

To effectively navigate the diverse and interconnected challenges society faces, nonprofit leaders need to embrace the principles of intersectional leadership. That means creating inclusive environments that value and respect diverse voices, and understanding the interplay between race, gender, sexuality, and other intersecting identities. By using differences as a strength, leaders can develop comprehensive strategies that address systemic inequities. Join Dr. Raina Awaad, director, Stanford Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab; Efrain Escobedo, president and CEO, Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management; Kelly Burton, founder and CEO, Black Innovation Alliance; and Alivelu Ramisetty, Chief Gender Justice and Inclusion Officer, Oxfam America.