How to Lead Winning Teams

McCaw Hall September 18, 2024 9:05 am - 9:20 am

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Tara VanDerveer
David V. Johnson

Unlike many successful coaches, she had more than a lucky streak but was ‘winning’ at basketball until her retirement. So, who better to provide inspiration and strategy about what it takes to lead winning teams than longtime basketball coach at Stanford University, Tara VanDerveer – who on January 21, 2024, became the head coach with the most wins in men’s and women’s NCAA basketball history.

In this pre-taped interview with Stanford Social Innovation Review’s Deputy Editor, David V. Johnson, VanDerveer shares insights about nurturing talent, planning for contingencies, building a deep talent bench and much more.  Her guidance offers invaluable ‘aha’ moments for NMI attendees and any organization looking to excel.