Funder Perspectives: Trends and Priorities

McCaw Hall September 17, 2024 4:05 pm - 4:55 pm

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Preeta Nayak

The social sector is wrestling with a myriad of questions—from uncertainties related to the U.S. elections to returning equity challenges and the evolution of funding models.  Donors and nonprofit leaders alike are navigating these tensions while trying to build more effective and trusting partnerships with one another. In this session, we’ll hear what’s top of mind for several funders—the challenges their organizations are facing and observing, and where they are seeing the greatest opportunities and risks for their nonprofit partners.

This session will provide attendees with greater insight on how donors are experiencing the current environment and the lessons they are gleaning across the communities where they work. Moderated by Preeta Nayak, Partner and Head of Leadership & Community Services at The Bridgespan Group.