Bridging the Board-Staff Relationship

McCaw Hall September 15, 2022 11:15 am - 12:10 pm

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Anne Marie Burgoyne
Julie Mikuta
Jonah Edelman

Differences of opinion and perspective aren’t only a challenge when working with individuals and organizations outside of your own. To effectively set objectives and determine priorities, it’s vital for the senior leadership of organizations and their boards to be able to effectively communicate with one another. But this process isn’t always obvious or easy, and there are a great many questions both sides need to address. How can board members provide effective, meaningful support to a leader and organization? What tools support authentic and productive relationships between a leader and board? How can leaders engage their board members in ways that are fulfilling and reinforcing to all? How can boards engage in generative conversations to explore possibilities without creating distractions from the mission? How can leaders best steward their boards through big decisions or unexpected shifts? How can board members best support leaders in times of difficulty, uncertainty, or transition? How can leaders and boards ensure they’re hearing divergent opinions and staying open to new possibilities? And perhaps most important, how can leaders and boards effectively work through differences of opinion?

This panel will be moderated by Julie Mikuta, co-president of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, and will feature Jonah Edelman, the co-founder and CEO of Stand for Children, and Anne Marie Burgoyne, the managing director of philanthropy at Emerson Collective. The panel will discuss their experiences, ideas, and perspectives on ways that leaders and boards can build meaningful relationships that amplify an organization’s potential.